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    Serving Since 1954.

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    Serving Since 1954.

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    Serving Since 1954.

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    Serving Since 1954.

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    Serving Since 1954.

   What we aspire to do and be

A Christian faith-based community that serves the people of this vulnerable region through Health Care ,Training in Health,Education for Children.

Christian Hospital Bissamcuttack :-

  • Serving since 1954
  • 200 beds, 4 wards,5 operation theatres, labour room & Neonatal care unit.
  • 72500 outpatients & 12000 inpatients annually.
  • 5000 surgeries & 2700 deliveries per year .
  • at costs to the patient that are affordable and a fraction of the bills charged in comparable hospitals.

The Mitra Community Health Programme :-

  • Covering 127000 people in 53 tribal villages
  • With 2 Health centers ,5 community health nurse,48 village health workers and 50 monthly mobile clinic visits.

New Life English Medium School of CHB :-

  • Offering quality education since 1986, affiliated to the ICSE ,New Delhi.
  • With over 500 children and 25 staff the only such English medium school in 35-50 km radius.

Mitra Residential School ,Kachapaju

  • Offering quality primary education to children of 16 hill tribe villages since 1998, 13 staff serving 155 children.
  • Rooted in the ethos, language and culture of kuvi kondh people and partnership with 16 hill tribe villages.

The Mitra AQTE Programme:-

  • Adding quality to education in 14 village government schools.
  • Serving 517 children through 17 education volunteers.

The CHB Creche

Providing preschool education and day care on campus to 40 children (of staff and town families)

The Mitra MKB Programme:-

A network of 11 pre school centers runs by Sishu Didi’s in tribal villages, serving 155 children.


The CHB School of Nursing :-

  • Training ANMs since 1978,Training GNMs since 1996.
  • Roshni Training for 200 village girls since 2010.
  • Nursing education resource unit to raise quality of nursing in the region since 2012.
  • Pursuing excellence through faculty Development ,innovation and appropriate technology.
  • Pursuing relevant through selection policy that aids young women from the poorest districts of Odisha, and by providing affordable education subsidized by CHB.

The Mitra Training & Resource Unit:-

  • Providing Training and consultancy support n community health to NGO partners ,Govt of Odisha and other stakeholders.
  • Being the technical resources center for the SDTT Malaria Partners Network of South Odisha.