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    Serving Since 1954.

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    Serving Since 1954.

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    Serving Since 1954.

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    Serving Since 1954.

   Non Clinical Services

Administrative and Financial

The administration team oversees the maintainance and financial stability of the hospital in various aspects.


CHB provides pharmacy services to its Out-door, In-door patients and also to those patients who are catered by community health department. Drugs are ordered & used in generic names.

The CHB Pharmacy deals with around 864 products in the store,around 410 medicines and the rests are surgical, general & electrical goods. All essential drugs are available in the hospital at cost effective price including medicines from companies like Ranbaxy, Cipla, Zuventus, Abbot, Ipca, Glaxo, German Remedies, Neon etc.

Central Sterile Supply Depart (CSSD)

We try and reuse as much of the supplies as we can. Therefore we need a good CSSD system in place. This department is responsible for the cleaning, washing, packing, sterilizing and issuing of supplies and equipment. Gloves, glass syringes, dressing sets, catherization packs, pericare sets, laparotomy and other surgical sets, gauze, cotton, etc are some examples.


The team ensures that clean linen is supplied to the hospital daily. We have a washing machine and a spin dryer. The unit also mends and repairs linen for the hospital.


The cleaning of the hospital is taken care of by the Deputy Nursing Superintendent with his team of ‘mallis’ and cleaning ladies try to help in ensuring that the hospital and campus are kept clean – a mammoth task as our patient numbers are high.


Transportation facilities are made available to the staff, students and patients . Patients in vicinity to the hospital are allowed to access the transportation facilities. After a death, Tranportation facilitie are made available to carry the patients body back home even if it is far away.


The CHB Chaplain lead the spiritual activities of the hospital. While he is available to any patients who ask for prayer or support, the main focus of his work is the spiritual care of staff and students. His key contributions include Morning Devotions, Bible class for Nursing students and CMAI Healing Ministry Week. : Each working day starts with 30 minute time of devotion. The Chaplain provides food for thought, inspiring and stimulating the CHB family for service.

Medical records

The patients records are computerised using the unit numbering file. The system was started in 1995 and both outpatient and inpatient records are maintained.