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    Serving Since 1954.

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    Serving Since 1954.

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    Serving Since 1954.

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    Serving Since 1954.

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    Serving Since 1954.

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    Serving Since 1954.

   Clinical Services and Nursing Services

Medical Services

" A gymnasium for the mind! "

With more than 35 000 out-patients and 3000 in-patients per year, the department is kept on its toes round the clock. Be it Diabetic ketoacidosis, Tuberculosis, Sepsis ,Sickle cell crisis, Black water fever , Pericardial effusion , liver abscess or a common cold , the team is challenged with a wide range of medical conditions everyday. With the resources available, evidence based medicine is practiced for the acute and chronic conditions.

Efforts have been made to approach the chronic conditions like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension and Chronic Renal Failure in a wholistic way through the lifestyle and diet education clinic. Future endeavours include setting up a well equipped ICU, a dialysis centre and endoscopic services. We invite one and all to make this dream come true.

Surgery, Orthopaedics and Anaesthesia

" Team! Action! "

With no other proper surgical or orthopaedic care facilities available within a radius of 200 km around the hospital, the team works hard to cater to the needs of around 9000 out- patients and 3400 surgeries per year. Though elective surgeries form the bulk, emergencies like duodenal perforations, acute appendicitis, acute trauma turn in at any time. Other surgeries done here include hernia repair, cholecystectomies, pyelolithotomies, urethrolithotomies, cystolithotomies and some paediatric surgeries. We also have laproscopic facilities.

Orthopaedic management include internal and external fixation, open reductions and reduction POP. And of course, Anaesthesia forms the base in which all surgeries are carried out smoothly without causing any distress and inconvenience to the patient.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

" Two lives to save! Choruses the team! "

Around 2700 deliveries are conducted per year. Being a referral Hospital for complicated cases from two districts, 35%of these were abnormal deliveries; with a caesarean rate of 23%. The hospital is accredited by the National Rural Health Mission for the JSY programme. Around 900 Gynaecological surgeries which include total abdominal and vaginal hysterectomies, ovariotomies, explorative laparotomies and about 270 sterilizations are done per year

Child Health and Neonatal Services

" The little ones! The vulnerable group! "

The nursery, being one of the few in South Orissa, plays a vital role. Innumerable neonates with birth asphyxias, low birth weight, sepsis and preterms throng for nursery care. The team works hard to provide the best care. Children below 12 are seen in the paediatric OPD and some of the common conditions seen are malaria, lower respiratory conditions, acute gastroenteritis, nephrotic syndrome, tuberculosis etc.. Around 6000 children are seen on an OPD basis and around 1000 admissions takes place per year.


" Now I see ! "

More than 1000 patients visit the ophthalmology department every year .The common conditions found are refractive disorders, cataracts, pterygium. Among the eye surgeries done, cataract surgery tops the list.


" A beautiful smile to brighten the day! "

Over the years, the number of patients seeking dental treatment has been steadily increasing over the years, currently about 1100 patients per year . Along with diagnosis, restorative, prophylactic and surgical procedures , educating patients and their relatives on oral hygiene/care and encouraging them on cessation of deleterious addictive habits such as chewing of gutka/khaini/bhang have been adapted as a protocol in a bid to spread the much needed awareness . A fair number of cases of oral cancer also present to the OPD owing to the tobacco chewing habit rampant in this region among males and females alike. Services provided include diagnosis of oral lesions, Conservative and Restorative procedures of carious and fractured teeth, Root canal treatment, Scaling and polishing, Removal partial dentures, Surgical and simple extractions.

Community Health

" Let us work with the people! "

The Community Health Department of CHB serves as a Window for the institution – enabling those of us inside to understand and relate to the villages around us ; and also creating a bridge for the people in those villages to engage with CHB. The work of the Department is called Mitra and functions in 3 units :

  • The Mitra Project

    It works with 12,700 people in 53 predominantly tribal villages, towards the dream of Health, Education, Economic Security and Social Empowerment for all. This is carried out through a network of 3 Cluster Teams, 2 Village Health centers and about 75 Village volunteers, supported by a Base Team at CHB. The primary health care programme includes Mobile Clinic visits to each village every month , with focused initiatives for Malaria, Nutrition, MCH, Sickle Cell Anaemia, Hypothyroidism and care of the elderly.

    Through the Mitra Education initiatives , CHB pursues the goal of universal access to Primary Education through The Milah Kahin Basa programme for preschool children , The AQTE (Add Quality To Education ) in village primary Health schools and Summer Coaching Camp for 10 th standard students.

  • The Mitra Residential School, Kachapaju :-

    A residential adivasi school with 155 children from Grade 1 to 5, providing innovative, quality education.

  • The Mitra Training & Resource Unit :-

    It widens the impact of CHB through Training programmes, Consultancy services and relevant Publications.